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I wanted to share with you, my story about how I met the amazing and wonderful founder of The Green Team Ashley Benton!!


Ashley came across my news feed one day on facebook, and what caught my eye was the title, which read "Greensboro woman feeds the homeless every week". I read the article and was so inspired about what she was doing, that I sent her a friend request and started following her every move:) 


Her daily quotes and stories inspired me! I looked forward to reading about all the wonderful things that she was doing for her community. She actually inspired me so much, that I decided I wanted to go to Greensboro and serve along side this amazing woman, that I now call my friend. This past April, I got on a plane a flew from Toronto, Canada to Greensboro. The entire week-end was just unbelievable. 


She and her team not only serve and prepare food, but they serve their community with love and conversation, clothing, and personal hygiene items, they prepare little packages that are made with love and care. They provide hugs to those that need it, smiles to everyone and always a good word! She is one of the most dedicated and committed women, that I have the pleasure of knowing. She inspires me to live my life to the best of my ability everyday, and serve those that are in need. 


Am so proud of the work that she does, and am looking forward to getting back to Greensboro to stand along side The Green Team again in the near future!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ashley is a blessing to many. She dared to follow her dream of helping the homeless and underserved in her community. Because of her hard work and truly selfless service, Green Team Helping Hands is making a difference in the lives of many. She is doing it for all the right reasons and for that we are all blessed. The world is a better place because of you! Thank you! Please donate and help spread the Love!

Rich Cruse

Oceanside, CA

Ashley is an earth angel.  She inspires me to be a better person because of the huge heart she has
for the homeless. Her "Friends in need." Ashley's vision and direction are clear and she is pure of heart. The Green Team Helping Hands Inc. is run to provide food, warmth and comfort to the homeless.  All proceeds go directly to help them. The Green Team Helping Hands is All Volunteer giving their time as Ashley keeps them inspired with her dreams, making them reality. As Oprah told Ash on twitter... #RockOn

Anna Johnson

Phoenix, AZ

Every once in awhile, a person comes into your life that makes a lasting impression. For me, Ashley Benton is one of those people. I am constantly inspired by her and the work of The Green Team Helping Hands Inc.. They serve as a beacon of light to those who have seen unfortunate darkness. The Green Team is there to remind everyone that they are important and valued. They illuminate the innate goodness of the human spirit and never cease to extend a helping hand to those in need.

Ian Baker

Dallas, Texas

I have been motivated, moved and inspired by Ashley Benton. Every day she is my example to do great things. It truly takes someone with a Beautiful heart to inspire others.. I’ve learned not to judge people, but do my part to help. She has taught me not to create excuses and  keep an open heart. I truly can say Ashley has opened my eyes to understand not all people become homeless by choice. Now I try to always put myself in their shoes . You never know it could be me one day. I thank Ashley every day for the powerful lesson of giving up your moment in order to share with others. She is truly an inspiration!  I admire her for  waking up every Sunday to feed the less fortunate. No matter what journey in life  we want to do what Ashley Benton does.  God has given us all a calling and I hope and pray One day I will understand mine. I know deeply from my heart God is using her and God LOVES Ashley Benton!

Rahel Tamiru

Dallas, Texas

I had the opportunity to meet ASHLEY via TWITTER and it has been indeed a PLEASURE . I believe in the "GREEN TEAM'S " vision and that's why every opportunity I get she will have my full support and donations. I love her hunger to make a DIFFERENCE in her COMMUNITY , she took a vision that her father had and made it A VISION FROM HEAVEN...keep soaring!

JoAnn Hardy

Tulsa, Oklahoma

I have yet to meet Ashley Benton, But I feel as though I've known her all my life.So many of us came together thru a Cable Station named OWN. I sat back and watched Ashley feed the hungry mostly out of her families pocket. When Ashley did her first donation drive, i knew where I belonged.I was led to give and saw how much it multiplied I became a part of the GreenTeam  Helping Hands inc. Being a small part of The Green Team has changed me in ways I never knew. I'm kinder to the lady sitting asking for a dollar.Ashley has taught me a new meaning of tolerance. One Life At A Time! Love you, Ashley!

Tori Johnson

Cleveland, Ohio

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I have been moved, inspired and motivated by my sister friend Ashley. You know that saying, that say people come in your life for a good reason and inspire you even more. That is what Ashley does to each and everyone that comes across her. For someone that lives far away in Australia and watch the inspiring work that Ashley and her team her doing in her community. The word inspiring doesn't even share half of the good work they do helping those in need. My prayer is people will see what Ashley and her beautiful Team inspirational work . And send any donation to help them help & feed my souls. I always no donation is too small. And if the only donation you can give is by you sparing some time to join and help, please don't hesitate do what you can. As we say no parent can parent alone it takes the all village. I suppose same goes for something this beautiful. Ashley's story and subsequent development of the Foundation, is so inspirational. I feel so blessed to have a connection with an own ambassador sister that is not just an inspiration to her kids but the world at large Love you ash , love your work. Keep Up the Good work Hun . God Bless

Joan Dellavalle

Perth, Australia

Ashley Danielle Benton and The Green Team are an incredible example of working locally and thinking globally. Their tireless hours of work to help those in need has been inspiring to see. I can only hope others will be inspired as well to walk the walk. She is a Godsend and with the deep understanding that we are all in this together. She is a divine action in motion and is making such a difference in so many people’s lives.  

 God Bless. 

Jonas Elrod

Venice, California

Give and expect nothing in return. This is something we are all taught. Ashley and her Green Team give consistently to a community of people. Not only are people being helped but people are being inspired to help. Thank you Ashley for creating an amazing Green Team and being a ray of light to so many.

Celeste J. Marek

Rochester, New York

As anyone will tell you, when contributing to Ashley/TGT you'll become addicted to Ashley's responses. Once you experience her enthusiasm and graciousness you want more. Ashley announces and celebrates each donation. She recognizes everyone's gift and understands each donation is a big deal. That joy is topped with the gift of giving, knowing you helped someone.

Ann Young

Houston, Texas

Ashley Benton has been such an inspiration to me. We all want to do better in life, and we also want to make a difference in the lives of others. Ashley has shown us that we can, and it does not take much to do it. She has inspired me to take the first step, and let God take the next. She is doing what God has called her to do and she is and will continue to be blessed by it. I have always wanted to feed the hungry, but I told myself I am limited in funding to do it. I will not tell myself that ever again, because seeing Ashley and her team at work shows me that all it takes is motivation, dedication, and a little effort to start off. May God continue to bless everything that your hands touch my sister Ashley Benton. I love you! 


Monique Green

Raleigh, North Carolina

My connection with the Ashley and The Green Team is simply this; because of this great organization, it encouraged me to look around at the community I live in a make a deference here. So far, I partnered up with Mid-Ohio Food Bank and have done food drives, and just recently connected with Starbucks to gather clothing for a non-profit organization called "Dress For Success". An organization that helps women look their best for job interviews and develops them for that future job they are pursuing. Bottom line, her work that she does in her community, makes me want to better my community that I live in. I'm grateful for her inspiration and I'm honored to support her work and others who are passionate about serving their community. 

Marisa Tigney

Lansing, Michigan

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